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I open the freezer and half a dozen things tumble out.  Among them is a large package, well-wrapped, like a sarcophagus actually, in layers of waxpaper, plastic, tin foil, tape.  I’m impressed by the wrapping.  But I cannot remember what … Continue reading

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City Mouse in the Country

  Is hogweed a giant kind of Queen Anne’s Lace? One is poison, the other pretty but they look exactly the same. Do you blow a whistle when you see a bear?  Or do you sing? There are two schools … Continue reading

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A Coach By Any Other Name

  Do you remember when the word “coach” meant someone who directed a football team? Now, there are coaches for just about everything under the sun. It amazes me how a change of language has revitalized the old concept of … Continue reading

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Mentors for Hard Times

  I knew a woman who had had cancer many years ago, and then, many years later, it came back, just when she was starting a new life in a new marriage.  Her reaction was singular and dramatically un-dramatic: she … Continue reading

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